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By this agreement, made and entered this ______ day of ________, year of 201__, by and between

(Client name)_________________________________________________who resides___________________________________________________________

Phone numbers:  Home________________Work_________________Cellular________________

E-mail address: ______________________ herein after referred to as “owner” and Christopher Truman Alexander, who resides at the above address, herein after referred to as “trainer”.




1.        Trainer shall undertake the training of owner’s horse described as follows.  A copy of the horses registration papers must be submitted to trainer and remain on file while said horse is in training.


            Horse’s Name:_______________________________________     ID#_________________________________

 Breed:_______________________________            Color:________________________________

           Sex:  S   M   G


           Specific Description:____________________________


2.      That in the event that the trainer is to be responsible for the board and care of the horse, the owner shall also complete and sign the Horse Boarding Agreement and Liability Release form and which shall be incorporated herein by reference.


3.     That all periodic farrier work on the horse shall be contracted through Equine Specialties and payment will be the responsibility of the owner. 


4.     That during the time that the horse shall be in training the horse shall be in the custody of the trainer.  Trainer will exercise reasonable care for the protection of the horse.  Owner agrees further that they understand that the training of the horse involves placing of above normal stresses on the horses both physically and mentally and that the trainer is in no way responsible for the results of the reasonable levels of stress which could potentially cause injury, illness and or loss of the horse by death.


5.     All routine and preventative veterinary, chiropractic, dental, acuscope and bioscan therapy expenses shall be assumed by owner and will be at the discretion of the trainer.


6.     For and in consideration of the training of the horse on the part of the trainer, owner agrees to pay the sums listed under Customer Price List, listed on the bottom of this contract.  (The customer price list is subject to change without notice.)  The sums are to be paid prior to training by the first of each month.  Monthly statements shall be mailed on the 20th of the month prior for the services herein provided.  Such statements shall be due and payable upon presentation.  Statements not paid by the 10th of the month will be subject to a finance charge of the lesser of 1.5% per month or the maximum rate allowed by law.  Before any horse is released from Equine Specialties Stables all charges/fees, including but not limited to veterinary expenses, board, chiropractic, equine dentist, farrier, etc., must be paid in full.  Failure to pay said charges may result in the horse being sold in accordance with the livestock service lien law.


7.     It is understood that all horses are fed specific supplements as seen fit by trainer and that owner will be responsible of payment of such supplements which is above the cost of training and board.


8.     The owner agrees that the trainer shall not be liable for damages to horse of any cause whatsoever including, but not limited to, loss of life by fire, theft, running away, etc.  The owner further agrees they shall be solely responsible at all times for any and all acts of the animal including but not limited to damage to the trainers property, and claims or injuries of loss of life that may be sustained by owner, his family, invitees, and agents or any other persons of their property.


9.     Transportation and travel fees will be assessed when your horse is hauled off the ranch for any reason whatsoever.  If owner chooses to transport the said horse to functions or events, the owner will still be responsible for the cost of transporting the trainer, trainer assistant, and grooms, plus a 25% assessment fee for the initial hauling.


10.        All horses sold or purchased through Equine Specialties will result in a 10% commission fee or a mutually agreed set amount to be paid to Equine Specialties. 


11.          This agreement is entered in the province of Ontario and will be interpreted and enforced under the laws of this province.  The owner is to sign this contract and it will be binding by both parties, subject to the above terms and conditions.  Owner has read the customer price list below and agrees to any and all charges.


Training $875 + HST  per. month

·        Includes, indoor 10’ x 12’ matted stall with built in locker and 10’ x 30’ outdoor run.

·        Hay, water, & grain.

·        Stall cleaned twice daily.

·        Tri. Weekly hoof trimming.

·        Daily grooming.

·        Blanketed nightly.

·        Access to spacious lobby & amenities.

 Training categories include:


Cutting                                              (add $100 per. month for cattle fees.)

Western Pleasure                              

Working Cow Horse                      (add $100 per. month for cattle fees.)


Ranch Horse                                    (add $100 per. month for cattle fees.)


Team Penning                                 (add $100 per. month for cattle fees.)


Versatility                                         (add $100 per. month for cattle fees.)




Horse Owner Signature:________________________________




Approved By:________________________________________