Equine Specialties

Equestrian Facility


Our lessons are planned to each individual, from advanced riding and show to beginners and kids or adults just wanting to have fun.
Our price lists for lessons are below.
                                                                         Private lessons                      $30.97 + $4.03 (HST) = $35.00 per. person

                                                            Training lessons                        $39.82 + $5.18 (HST) = $45.00 per. person

                                                                Tailored workout lesson             $30.97 + $4.03 (HST) = $35.00 per. person

                                                                Lessons for Show                      $35.40 + $4.60 (HST) = $40.00 per. person

         (Add $300.00 includes HST- per. month to lease horse. Other fees may apply)


All fees must be paid up front. Deduct $10.00 if you supply your own horse. Each horse must be up to date on shots & done prior to entering the facility to ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone.


Please call 519-901-4077 if you require further information.